2021’s Top 10 Period Panties | Leak Proof Underwear

You have lots of products to pick from when you’re dealing with your period. Disposable or cloth pads, tampons and menstrual cups are options some women swear by. Period panties are another choice that’s growing in popularity. This option puts a little extra fashion into that time of the month, too.

Period panties let you keep on living just like you do the rest of the month. Just pull on a pair of panties with special features that absorb blood or block leaks, and you’re all set for the day. You can also get period-proof swimwear and activewear.

If you’re searching for the best period underwear for your body and flow, we’ve got you covered. Several brands are making good-looking period undies with a variety of unique features. Some are meant to be worn as backup leak-proof panties that you wear with a pad or other period protection. You can potentially wear certain other styles as free-flow period panties, where it’s just you and your period-absorbing underwear handling a visit from Aunt Flo. No tampons or pads required!

There are a few things to know if you’re just getting started with menstrual panties:

  1. What gusset means: You’ll hear the word “gusset” a lot. That’s another word for the crotch of the panty.
  2. What PUL is: You’ll also see that a lot of panties (but not all) use PUL in the gusset, which is a special leak-proof fabric treatment that’s also often used on babies’ cloth diapers. One side of a material is laminated with a waterproof, plastic-type substance. The treated fabric will stop water from passing through, but it won’t stop all flow of air, so there’s still some breathability there.
  3. Differences in sizes: Most period-panty companies are small, independent brands. When you’re reading these period underwear reviews, you’ll notice that a size small at one company can mean something different at another brand. The sizes aren’t always as standardized as underwear you’d get from a giant corporation. What saves the day is that every one of the best period panty brands provides detailed size charts with measurements so that you can be sure you’ll order the right size. All sizes listed in our period panties comparison are U.S. sizes unless it says otherwise.

So, check out our period panties review and get ready to solve your period problems with some amazing underwear!

1. WUKA Period Panties:

WUKA stands for Wake Up and Kick Ass, and that’s exactly what these anti-leak panties are meant to help you do. WUKA period underwear are the brainchild of a female environmental scientist. That scientific ability shows in the fabric the panties use, which is CO2 neutral while also being nearly four times as soft as fine-thread cotton. The fabric is derived from Austrian beech trees in custom-ordered batches for WUKA so that there’s no waste. If the environment is one of your top concerns, this is a great period panty brand to try. WUKA panties use four layers of fabric, including PUL, for period leak protection.

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2. ModiBodi Period Panties:

ModiBodi is a period panties brand that’s continuing to evolve and improve. They use high-quality fabrics famous for feeling soft and comfy with 4 levels of period protection. They now offer more sizes than ever before to fit women of all shapes and sizes as well as a teen-oriented RED line of menstrual underwear. You can feel safe from unexpected leaks when you’re at the beach or swim team practice with their period swimwear. Check out their menstrual protection collections including Classic, Sensual, Vegan, Curvy, Seamfree and Contour. They’re absorbent, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and, if that’s not enough, they’re also eco-friendly. ModiBodi is headquartered in Australia but they ship to most places around the world. U.S. orders over $75 can qualify for free shipping.

ModiBodi period panties are set apart from the rest by their quality fabrics: One of the main textiles they use is merino wool. This wool fabric is super-soft and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, plus it’s stain-resistant and naturally odor-controlling. It’s also biodegradable! ModiBodi also uses highly renewable bamboo and microfiber to make durable, super-comfy menstrual panties, and you can get wool-free panties in their vegan line.

Their anti-leak power come from four strategically designed layers in the the gusset. You can choose from four absorbency levels in your ModiBodi panties, from superlight to heavy/overnight. Also, be sure to check out the anti-leak swimwear from this Australian brand.

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3. Lilova Period Panties:

Lilova is a relative newcomer to the period panty market, arriving on the scene in 2018 with the goal of helping women to “bleed in peace.” The creator of Lilova menstrual undies says she consulted with dozens of gynecologists to perfect the design of her product. The result is a stylish collection of absorbent and leak-proof period panties. They can hold up to two tampons’ worth of fluid and have a PUL layer to stop leaks onto your clothes or sheets. Lilova is one of the only period underwear brands to offer a cheeky style, and they’re a lower-priced offering among the free-flow panty brands using four-layer tech.

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4. MyAdira Period Panties:

“No one wants to leave a stain behind or have a stained behind,” is the motto of Adira, a leak-proof panties brand. No one can disagree with that! Patented Adira panties don’t absorb period blood but instead give you assurance against leaks; you wear them with other methods of period protection. Some Adira styles feature loops to hold a pad in place so that it won’t bunch up or otherwise move out of its prime period-absorbing position. They offer two main styles: hipster and boxer. The boxer is great to wear overnight or under a skirt or dress, and it supplies protection from side leaks.

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5. FLUX Period Panties:

FLUX period panties keep you comfortable during your period with their thermal-regulating properties; they can keep you 3 degrees cooler when it’s hot and 3 degrees warmer when it’s cool! They use high-tech fabrics that are also 100% vegan and free of harmful chemicals. While all their panties come in black only, U.K.-based FLUX offers a range of styles, including a super-convenient detachable style that lets you change your period panties without having to get undressed. Another impressive thing is that their full-absorbency panties can absorb four-times more fluid than a regular maxi pad.

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6. Anigan Period Panties:

Anigan’s EvaWear is its standard period-absorbing underwear line; the brand also has an ample collection of Stainfree panties that protect against leaks only, so you can choose the type of function you need from this brand. They have super-stylish designs, including possibly the sexiest period underwear on the market (check out their lace designs). Anigan panties are made from spandex blends and use PUL for leak-proofing. The EvaWear line has four layers for absorbing menstrual flow, and every EvaWear pair is made to hold about two tampons’ worth of fluid.

7. Luna Undies Period Panties:

Luna Undies come from an O.G. in the alternative period products world: Lunapads. They’ve been offering reusable feminine hygiene products since 1993. The brand’s period underwear uses multi-layer technology like many other brands, but they also have bands to hold cotton inserts, aka reusable menstrual pads, in place. That’s great when you need a little extra absorbency on heavy days, and it also makes it easy to freshen up without completely changing your period underwear. The Luna Undies brand is very gender inclusive; its boxer-style period undies make that time of the month a little less distressing for trans men or any menstruating person who can appreciate a comfy pair of boxers.

8. Dear Kate Period Panties:

Dear Kate is a period panty brand that’s engineered their garments to be extra fast-drying with their patent-pending UnderLux technology. On the market since 2012, Dear Kates are made for durability, using a fabric called Tactel that is three times stronger than most other materials, so they should hold up well in the wash. This line of menstrual panties doesn’t use any PUL, which is where the fast-drying action comes in. The outside layer is water-repellent to stop fluid from leaking through to your clothes. Dear Kate is based in NYC, and for every $100 you spend with them, they’ll donate a pair of period underwear to a girl in need.

9. THINX Period Panties:

THINX has been striving to be the top name in period panty garments, and all the attention they’ve been getting is well-deserved. This brand has put major thought into the design of their undies, and that includes their anti-leak technology and their styles. THINX panties all have black linings in the gusset so that no stains will show, and they have four layers that absorb up to two tampons’ worth of menstrual blood, plus stop any leaks from getting through. One of the layers has odor-stopping silver particles. THINX is like the TOMS of period underwear; among other socially conscious activities, they donate period products to grassroots organizations and help fund programs for underserved communities.

10. Period Panteez Underwear:

Giving you “just the hug you need,” Period Panteez period underwear double as shapewear, with soft, stretchy fabric. Most of their offerings come in a shorts style, but the brand recently added bikini versions to their menstrual undies line. These panties have a slight compression effect, which the brand says helps with cramps and bloating. You should wear these as a backup to other period solutions. Period Panteez are made in the U.S.A.

11. RubyLove (PantyProp) Period Panties:

Pad-wearers rejoice: No more leaks from shifting pads! PantyProp period undies have a unique feature that other brands don’t have: each pair has a mesh pocket-like envelope in the gusset that holds a pad securely in place. Along with preventing leaks, that secure hold prevents chafing since pads can’t rub against your thighs when they’re held snugly in the patent-pending envelope. PantyProp garments don’t use any plastic and they offer some absorbent properties, so you can wear them on their own to guard against leaks from spotting.

PantyProp menstrual undies come in a vast selection of colors, and this company also makes a teen-specific line, plus swimwear, leggings and bodysuits with the same pad-hugging, anti-leak technology.

Final Say

If you’re new to period panties, they might seem like a trend, but it’s clear that they are here to stay. Their biggest benefit is giving you peace of mind against period leaks. If you overflow your cup or tampon, your period underwear has got you covered. You can also free-flow your period with some of the more highly absorbent brands, saving yourself some money while keeping disposable tampons, pads and pantyliners out of landfills.

The period panty that’s right for you is a highly individual thing. Of course, go for the lowest price if budget is your top concern. The next practical consideration is size. Not every brand carries XXS or 3XL, so your size will help narrow down the selection. If you prefer wearing pads, about every brand will work fine, although some, like Adira, Luna Undies and PantyProp, are specialized for holding pads in place. If you want to free bleed with period undies, make sure to get ones that offer heavy/full coverage; most of the brands, except for Period Panteez and Adira, offer heavy absorbency in at least one of their panties. If your period is especially heavy, you’ll appreciate a leak-proof PUL barrier, which many have.

If you’re prone to yeast infections, choose period underwear without PUL, like ones form Dear Kate. If you’re shopping for your daughter, check out the brands that have lines especially for tweens, such as WUKA.

Every offering on our list of best period underwear has good reviews and performs as advertised. Choose the one that is right for your body and your flow, and get ready to have more comfortable, stress-free and peaceful periods!

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