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Is it Your Goldilocks Panty?

If you’re looking for some beautifully designed period panties, check out this review of Anigan. They sell simple designs as well as pretty lingerie-style period undies. The California-based period panty brand makes menstrual underwear and menstrual cups. Anigan is a straightforward maker and seller of these products for women; they don’t have an over-reaching feminist message or feel-good story like some other brands in this sphere. Maybe it’s their focus on the product instead of marketing that helps keep their price down compared to other menstrual panty brands.

How Anigan Period Panties Work

Anigan offers two distinct types of reusable menstrual underwear: Stainfree Panties, their anti-leak period underwear; and EvaWear, which are period absorbing underwear. Based on their website, they seem to be moving their focus more to the Stainfree panties than the EvaWear absorbent panties, but they still sell both.

  • Anigan Stainfree Pantiesprotect your clothes and bedding with a leak-resistant fabric that’s on the inside of the garment. Anigan’s website describes it as “breathable, hypoallergenic, waterproof fiber” that’s made of polymer (sounds like it’s probably PUL). It’s in the center and rear of the panty, going all the way up to the rear waistband, which is great if you sleep on your back. It’s designed to be breathable, but it won’t let leaks get through the fabric. These Stainfree panties don’t absorb any menstrual flow.

Care for them by machine washing them and hanging them to dry.

  • Anigan EvaWear Panties have four layers for absorbency and leakproof qualities. You can wear them as backup to a pad, tampon or menstrual cup, or wear them on their own as free flow period panties.

These have four layers:

    1. The bottom layer is a soft, breathable material
    2. The next-to-bottom layer is waterproof so that nothing gets through to your clothes or sheets
    3. The middle layer is the one that absorbs fluid
    4. The top layer keeps you dry with moisture-wicking properties

Absorbency: EvaWear panties have one absorbency level: Heavy. They should hold about 20ml or 2 tampons-worth of fluid.

Care: All Anigan panties can be machine washed.

Anigan Period Panties Styles

Anigan panties are tagless for comfort, and some are seamfree.

Price range: $18.95 – $29.95

(1) Anigan Stainfree Period Panties

The non-absorbent Stainfree line includes these styles:

  • Seamless Hipster Lace Trim
  • Seamless Bikini Polka Dots
  • Seamless High-Rise Brief
  • Seamless Tie-Dyed Boyshort
  • Hipster Wide Lace Trim
  • Lace Bikini

Seamless Hipster Lace Trim

This period panty doesn’t have any seams at the legs, so it won’t pinch your skin. The legs are trimmed with a delicate strip of lace.

  • Absorbency: Leakproof only
  • Sizes: X-Small: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Colors: Blue, Pink Stripe, Cream
  • Materials:
    • Body: Nylon and Spandex blend
    • Liner: Breathable PUL
  • Price: $18.95

Hipster Wide Lace Trim

This hipster panty looks a little bit like low-waisted boyshorts with its high legs. You can get these period panties with a black base and white lace panels, or a white base with black lace panels.

  • Absorbency: Leakproof only
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Black and White, White and Black
  • Materials:
    • Body: Unknown Spandex blend
    • Liner: Breathable PUL
  • Price: $18.95


Lace Bikini

These are super-cute period panties made in sheer lace except for the leakproof portion in the front and back. These look like something Victoria’s Secret would offer if they actually made period panties.

  • Absorbency: Leakproof only
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Colors: Black, Rose Pink, Nude, White
  • Materials:
    • Body: Nylon/spandex
    • Liner: Breathable PUL
  • Price: $24.95


Seamless Bikini Polka Dots

This is a cute girly take on the period panty with pink fabric and playful screen-printed white polka dots. It’s got a seamfree construction for added comfort. Some reviewers say the white screenprinting started to come off.

  • Absorbency: Leakproof only
  • Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Pink with white polka dots
  • Materials:
    • Body: Nylon/spandex
    • Liner: Breathable PUL
  • Price: $18.95


Seamless High-Rise Brief

This is a basic beige brief with a slightly retro flair. It’s seamless for comfort and, of course, has Anigan’s leakfree lining in the front and back. This is a nice staple to add to your underwear collection.

  • Absorbency: Leakproof only
  • Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Colors: Beige
  • Materials:
    • Body: Nylon/spandex
    • Liner: Breathable PUL
  • Price: $18.95


Seamless Tie-Dyed Boyshort

The StainFree Seamless Tie Dyed Boyshort Period Panty has an appealing tie-dye pattern. There is something surfer-chic about the way they look. They have a mid-rise and low-cut legs.

  • Absorbency: Leakproof only
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Black and White, Blue and White
  • Materials:
    • Body: Nylon/spandex
    • Liner: Breathable PUL
  • Price: $18.95

(2) Anigan EvaWear Panty

This is Anigan’s absorbent panty— all the others are billed as “stainfree” panties, meaning you won’t get stains on your clothes or sheets when you wear them. EvaWear can be worn in place of a pad, menstrual cup or tampon.

They offer their EvaWear period underwear in six styles:

  • Sport Hipster
  • Lace Hipster
  • Hipster
  • Bikini
  • Brief
  • Boyshort

All the above styles are made of the same materials, mostly all come in just black, have the same absorbency levels and have the same price.

  • Absorbency: Heavy; Holds about 20ml or 2 tampons of fluid
  • Sizes: Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Tie-Dye
  • Materials:
    • Body: Nylon/spandex
    • Liner: Breathable PUL
  • Price: $29.95


Most reviews say that the Stainfree period underwear work great at stopping leaks. One of the main complaints is that the leg openings on the panties are too small to fit comfortably, and they tend to be sized about two sizes smaller than typical American sizes (the panties are made in China). The reviews for EvaWear are mostly positive, but, again, the panties tend to run small, so size up when you order.


“Really do love these. Comfortable and fit well. I was nervous at first because the panties make a rustling noise, but it isn’t noticeable. I was just being hypersensitive. Leg holes are a tad snug, but not uncomfortably so.” – Mama Molly, Amazon Review

“This fit my bottom and waist just fine, however was extremely tight around my legs. It actually left marks after I’d worn a pair only an hour. I’m very disappointed…” – Jwest, Amazon Review


“Somehow, these panties are actually more absorbent than my pads and the blood seems to vanish, even on my heaviest day. 3 pairs were enough to get be through a period with my laundry schedule. It was like not having a period at all. I’m a total convert!” – Skyla, Amazon Review

“Never been able to stop leaks with any menstrual product but these made it so I could go about my day and almost forget it was a period day at all!!! Agree to size up…I am usually small to medium and large was a good fit.” – Erin F., Amazon Review

Final Say

Sometimes you want an extra touch of femininity during your time of the month. Anigan’s lace panties are some of the sexiest period panties out there. Their full coverage up to the waistband in back can be a saving grace for back sleepers. These panties work as described but have a small range of sizes. While most of their panties (with some exceptions) cost around $19 USD, if you buy a twin pack, you can get two pairs for about $29 USD. Overall, Anigan panties are a good value, but make sure to check the measurements on their website before ordering one of their panties if you want to be sure it’ll fit.

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