Disposable Period Panties

The majority of women who buy period panties get them because they’re reusable and sustainable. Plus, they can save you money over time since you’ll spend less on disposable tampons and pads. But did you know that you can buy disposable period underwear, too?

What’s the Point of Disposable Period Underwear?

Most disposable menstrual panties are made to be worn on heavy period days, overnight or when you don’t have time to change out your feminine care product of choice. The same can be said of reusable period underwear, but, of course, the difference is you throw the disposable type away when you’re done instead of washing and wearing it again.


Always Disposable Underwear

Always is a brand that’s a household name in menstrual pads. They also produce disposable underwear that’s meant to provide protection for post-partum leaking and urinary incontinence. Some women say that they wear these overnight on the heaviest nights of their period and they work well. The underwear catches liquid and turns it into a gel, which comes in handy when there are high volumes of it. The problem with the Always underwear and other similar disposable underwear for urinary incontinence is that, let’s face it, it looks like a diaper. If you don’t need to go this heavy-duty, would you really want to?

PantiePads and UndiePads

One company makes these brands, and they deserve credit for making disposable period underwear that looks more like actual underwear instead of a diaper. However, the advantages of these over just using a disposable pad are challenging to name. These are disposable underwear made of a very thin, transparent paper with a maxi pad sewn into them. They don’t seem to have an especially heavy-duty ability to absorb fluid or stop leaks based on the numerous reviews online.

Kotex Disposable Menstrual Underwear

Kotex makes a line of disposable panties for menstruation. It’s not available in the U.S., only in a few places worldwide, like Singapore. They try to look a bit more panty-like but still don’t do a very good job of it. The pad feels soft and soaks up fluid very well, but some women complain that the elastic is irritating. If you can get this product where you live, it can be useful to wear on super heavy nights. However, the price is going to add up fast compared to buying reusable menstrual panties.

Disposable Underwear Pros and Cons


  • The obvious pro is the convenience factor. You don’t have to wash the item and can just throw it away when you’re done using it.
  • The upfront cost is lower. You can get a pack of three disposable period panties for less than a pack of three washable ones made from fabric.


  • Not washing the item but tossing it adds to landfills and pollution, and these are not made from biodegradable materials
  • Their cost over time will add up fast since you need to keep buying new ones.
  • They don’t look like regular underwear. Even people who sleep alone don’t like the idea of wearing something that looks like a diaper unless it’s an absolute must.


Final Say

The concept of disposable period panties doesn’t seem to hold much ground as they are now. Most of them are intended for urinary incontinence and are made to hold a lot of liquid, which is why they have to be so bulky and diaper-like. An item that bulky can be overkill even for women with heavy periods. UndiePads seem like an improvement on the concept, but even they fall short. Why not buy high-quality, breathable and reusable period panties? They’re a sustainable option that provides the right amount of protection for periods.

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