Funny Period Underwear: Does It Actually Exist?

Let’s face it; most of us find out periods more painful and annoying than funny. However, some upstarts are making and selling funny period underwear to try to lighten things up a little at that time of the month.

A brand called Harebrained puts out panties that they call period panties, but they aren’t exactly what we know as period panties per se. Harebrained undies are actually invented by a man who first thought of them as something his girlfriend could wear when she had her period but, for whatever reason, she didn’t want to tell him why she wasn’t in the mood for sex. She could wear these panties, and when he saw them, he’d get the “hands off” message that way. You can choose from panty designs like Evil Beaver, Cunt Dracula, Shark Week, Krampuss and Bleeder of the Pack.

The guy behind the brand is cute, and he puts out some cute period panties, but these period panties, funny as they are, don’t have any waterproof or absorbent qualities—at least, they’re not any more absorbent than any standard panty. Their only purpose is to look styling and announce to anyone who sees you in your panties that you’re on your period.

The one period-centric feature that they have, besides their graffiti-inspired prints, is the black fabric that’s used in the crotch.

If you’re looking for some cool period panties that are leakproof and absorbent enough to replace tampons or pads, you’re more likely to find panties that are sexy, cute, classic or a little bit hippie-inspired. The edgy hipster crowd’s needs could be met if Harebrained puts some THINX-like technology into their garments. So, if you’re searching for some periods are cool underwear that doesn’t work like period undies, check our Harebrained.


Some More Period Fun

Would you like a little more period-themed entertainment? Allure has put together a video that tells the story of 100 years of periods from the 1910s to today.

Buzzfeed has a funny period-themed video called Period Problems in the Unfortunately Ashley: A You Do You series. What will our heroine Izzy do when she gets her period early—right before lifeguard class with dashing Diego? Who else can relate to her mother’s sneeze mishap at the beginning of the clip? Sneeze + period + white shorts = not fun.

Another goody from Buzzfeed is this video showing women trying out period underwear for their first time. Their reactions to using period panties are funny and worth watching. Listen for responses like, “It feels like a pillow,” “they cuddle up to the vagina,” “comfy, but frumpy” and “I think the period underwear is attracting dogs.”

Here’s one to file under “must be nice.” Let’s watch some blissfully clueless men try to guess the price of feminine hygiene products, like pads, tampons and menstrual cups. “You can put that in the dishwasher?”

Periods happen every month for women who menstruate on a regular basis. It’s good to share stories and laugh about it a little. But I think most women would agree that the most fun part of a menstrual period is when it’s over!

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