How to Clean Period Panties

Period panties are supposed to come into contact with blood every time you wear them, and their designers know that! Many of them feature special stain-resistant fabric and have a black layer of material lining in the crotch, regardless of the colors they are on the outside. With a little bit of basic care, your period panties will come out looking like new after you wash them — no matter what your period and life threw at you this cycle. Here’s how to clean period panties:


How to Wash Period Panties: The Basics

The basics of cleaning period panties is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Rinse them under cold running water as soon as possible after wearing them—ideally, you should rinse them until the water runs clear
  2. Put the panties in with your regular wash on the cold cycle
  3. Hang them to dry

If you don’t have time to wash heavily-soaked panties right away, you can soak them in cold water that has a little bit of soap added to it until you have a chance to clean them. Some women who wear period panties and cloth menstrual pads keep a special container for this purpose. Just make sure to change out the soak water with fresh water every day if you can’t wash your period panties immediately.


How to Clean Period Underwear With Hand Washing

To hand-wash your panties in a sink, fill it up with cold water. The colder, the better! Warm and hot water will set blood stains, so definitely avoid using water with a warm temperature. Put the panties under the water and let them get wet. Use hand soap or a tiny amount of laundry detergent added to the water. Gently scrub away any stains in the crotch of the panty by agitating the fabric against itself. Rinse frequently to see if it’s coming clean. When you’re done, rinse the panties with clean, cold water.

To get a head start on drying, you can lay the panties on a dry towel. Roll the towel up tight with the panties inside and press down on the towel. Then, unroll it and hang the panties to dry.

I Forgot to Rinse Them! Getting Rid of Period Stains

What if you forgot to rinse your period panty or just didn’t have time to do it? Is there any hope of saving them? The answer is yes! Here are a few stain-removal methods that you can try. Of course, they not only work to get stain-free period panties, but they get rid of period-blood stains on other clothes or your sheets. Keep reading to learn how to get period blood out of panties:

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Add 1 part water to 3 parts cold water. Let the underwear soak for about one hour, and then check to see if the stain has faded. You can apply hydrogen peroxide directly on very light-colored fabrics and rub it with a cloth to remove it but be aware that method can fade any dyes that are present. Once the stain is gone, wash the panties as usual and air dry.

2. Baking Soda

Some people swear by a paste of baking soda for removing bloodstains. Add a small amount of water to some baking soda to make the paste. Then apply it to the blood stain and let it sit overnight. Rinse, wash and dry as usual.

3. Table Salt

Table salt is a tried-and-true stain remover. Wet the bloodstain and then sprinkle a thick layer of salt over it. Let it sit. Then add a drop of dish soap and scrub at the stain, which should lift out. Rinse, wash and dry the panties.

4. Oxygenated Bleach

Detergents that contain oxygenated bleach, like OxyClean, can work wonders at lifting out dried-in stains. Read the instructions on the container to find out how to use the type that you have. Usually, you’ll need to let the item soak overnight for complete stain removal.

Final Say

Periods can be tough, but cleaning period panties is easy. If you have a set-in stain that’s dried, it can take a little more time to get the panties completely stain-free, but it’s totally doable. Now that you’ve done the hard work, treat yourself to a bubble bath!

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