Period Swimwear 101

Period swimwear looks like any other swimwear but has features that make it leak-proof and, in some cases, absorbent. Some have features that help hold a pad in place so you don’t have to worry about the pad peeking out at the sides when you’re walking to the pool or playing a game of beach volleyball. They’re made to take away the worry that an embarrassing period bloodstain will start showing through your swimsuit fabric while you’re laying out on the beach or practicing for the swim team.

It’s not recommended to wear period panties for swimming, which is why period panty brands make separate lines of swimwear for periods. Most period swimwear is made for protection against leaks, not as a total replacement for your standard period protection.

How Does Period Swimwear Work?

Several companies make period-proof swimwear, and each one works a little bit differently. Here are some of the leading makers and how their swimwear works.

ModiBodi Swim

Modibodi (Click to Read Full Review) makes waterproof swimwear for periods. Both their period swim bottoms and their one-piece swimsuit have two layers in the crotch. The bottom layer is waterproof and water-repelling. It’s made from a material called polyamide Lycra that dries three times faster than standard swimsuit fabric. The top layer that’s closest to your body has antibacterial properties to keep you fresh and dry.

ModiBodi Swim is meant to protect against spotting or on light period days. The ModiBodi one-piece period-proof swimsuit also has built-in 50+ SPF. They range in price from $90 for a bikini set to $150 for the all-in-one swimsuit.

Period Swimwear Final Say

If you swim a lot and want some backup, why not add some period swimwear to your beach bag? You can hang out by the pool in confidence no matter what time of the month it is.

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