What to Wear on Your Period

Life doesn’t stop when you have your period. Despite the fact that menstrual blood is pouring from your lady parts, you still have to go to work, school and your cousin’s wedding. Here’s what to wear to get through the days and nights of your menstrual cycle.


What to Wear on Period Days

Most females would agree: Unless you know your period-protection is oops-proof, you should generally avoid wearing white pants or shorts during your period. It can be done, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Now that we’ve covered what not to wear, here’s what you should put on during your period.


What to wear during period all starts with the underwear, but what kind of panties to wear during your period? In general, heavy days usually demand that you to wear a pair of undies that are black so they won’t show stains in case of a leak. Full coverage, like a brief style, helps too. You can get underwear made for periods, like waterproof underwear for periods and underwear that absorbs period blood.


If you’re wondering what pants to wear on your period, jeans are an excellent choice for a few reasons. For one, the fabric is so thick that a minor leak probably won’t show through. Choose jeans with a dark wash. Also, snug-fitting jeans can help keep your pad in place.

Skirt and Dresses with Tights

Skirts and dresses are great for pad-wearers because, unless the skirt is Jessica Rabbit tight, bulky pads won’t show. A somewhat flowy skirt or loose-fitting dress is just right. If the weather is cool enough, a pair of tights adds another layer of fabric to stop leaks from getting through. If tights aren’t your thing or the weather is too warm, a pair of snug-fitting shorts go great under a skirt or dress to give you extra protection against leaks. Check out these period shorts.


You can still look super styling, yet all covered up with a maxidress. If your ankles are a little swollen from some period-related bloating, no one will ever know. There are great to wear with a comfy pair of panties made for periods.


If you can get away with wearing sweats, do it! They’re the ultimate in coziness and comfort. They give off a laidback vibe that’s perfect for crashing on the couch.


If you have a pair of leggings that fits you right— meaning not too tight— they should feel as comfortable as sweats. Their extra snugness can help keep a pad from sliding around. Wear a pair in a dark color and you’ll look sleek AF even when it’s your TOM. An oversized shirt or sweater keeps things at ease and provides a little extra coverage. Leggings can be the best pants to wear on your period because they’re super soft yet styling.

What to Wear at Night on Your Period

Most menstruating people have woken up to some blood on the sheets during their periods. If that’s happened to you recently, you might want to check out this article that covers how to remove period stains.

If you want to prevent this annoying occurrence — it’s never a fun way to start the day — it can help to use a little strategy when you decide what to wear when on period at night. This nighttime section is more about practical protection options than any stylish concerns.

Overnight Pads

First, consider getting overnight pads. You can find super overnight pads that go from the front waistband of your undies all the way to the back. They also absorb more blood than regular pads. If you don’t have super-long overnight pads, you could wear two pads to bed. Lay them end to end, kind of like two train cars. Put the most coverage toward the front if you sleep on your stomach, and toward the back if you sleep on your back.

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are safer to wear for longer times than tampons, plus they hold more fluid than tampons. Don’t wear a menstrual cup for more than 12 hours without changing it out.

Period Panties

A lot of leaks happen when a pad shifts out of place at night. You can prevent that from happening if you wear panties made for periods, specifically the ones that stop pads from moving. If you don’t own any period panties yet, wearing two pairs of panties can help to keep your pad from shifting.

You can also get period panties that are leak-proof. This special underwear for periods stop any menstrual-cup overflow from getting through. Many styles of absorbent underwear for periods that are made for overnight wear have coverage all the way up to the waistband in the back. Some have the same type of full coverage in the front.

The best type of underwear for period is different for each person. But, rest assured that you can find some excellent protective underwear for menstrual cycle to give you peace of mind against leaks.

Mattress Protectors

An option to consider if you have heavy periods is to get a mattress protector. The CycleLiner is made specifically for protecting bedsheets from period accidents. It’s got a waterproof-PUL backing and a velvety soft upper.

You can expect to have to deal with your period for one week every month. That adds up to a lot of decisions about what to wear while on period. Thankfully, there are lots of things you can wear during your menstrual cycle to make it much more pleasant and easier to get through in style.

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