Where to Buy Period Panties?

1. Online Stores:

You have lots of products to pick from when you’re dealing with your period. Disposable or cloth pads, tampons and menstrual cups are options some women swear by. Period panties are another choice that’s growing in popularity. This option puts a little extra fashion into that time of the month, too.

If you’re searching for the best period underwear for your body and flow, we’ve got you covered. Several brands are making good-looking period undies with a variety of unique features. Some are meant to be worn as backup leak-proof panties that you wear with a pad or other period protection. You can potentially wear certain other styles as free-flow period panties, where it’s just you and your period-absorbing underwear handling a visit from Aunt Flo. No tampons or pads required!

Check out our period panties review and get ready to solve your period problems with some amazing underwear!


2. Physical Stores:

Over the past several years, interest in sustainable menstrual products like menstrual cups and reusable period underwear has grown. But, until very recently, you could only buy period panties online.

Now, you can find brick-and-mortar stores that sell period panties. Nordstrom recently made a deal to start selling THINX, and THINX are also available at Selfridges, b8ta, Forty Winks, Eco Collective and Bulletin in the U.K.


Period Panties at Target

Many people in the U.S. are wondering where to buy period panties besides Nordstrom, which is only in select cities. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find Target period panties? However, a search of the Target website for period panties only brings up what you’d think of as standard brief-style granny panties that people often wear during their periods.

There aren’t any actual Target period underwear products for sale that have PUL in the gusset, absorbent linings or anything remotely similar to what is known as an actual period panty. So, if you are wondering, “Where can I buy period panties?” You won’t find any period panties at Target at this time.

Trying to use the keywords “menstrual underwear Target” also doesn’t bring up anything besides everyday briefs on the store’s website. They sell “incontinence underwear,” but it’s intended for bladder leaks, not for absorbing blood and preventing stains.


Period Panties at Walmart

Walmart is known for its low prices, so it’d be great to be able to walk into a store and get a low period panties price. A search of the site for Walmart period panties brings up a few results, but they’re products sold through third-party sellers, sort of like eBay or Amazon. Most of the panties that come up in results when you search for period panties Walmart are labeled as “bladder control” panties.

There is an Anigan Stainfree panty listing on Walmart, but it’s the exact same price that you’d pay directly on the Anigan website. Anigan ships all US orders for free when you order from their website. Walmart offers free shipping, but only if you spend more than $35 on your order. There doesn’t seem to be any advantage of buying menstrual underwear on Walmart’s website. Also, keep in mind you can’t just walk into a Walmart store and find period panties for sale. They don’t have them in stock.


Period Panties on Amazon

Many people who don’t know where to buy period underwear end up at Amazon when they want a period panty to buy online. You can find period panties on Amazon, but they’re often sold by third parties who don’t provide the same trial periods and return policies that you would get if you bought directly from the manufacturer. With individuals writing up their own listings, they often get the sizing details wrong and sometimes sell knockoffs, so when you buy menstrual panties on Amazon, you might not be getting the pair you wanted to get.


Final Say

THINX is now available in select brick-and-mortar stores, but the day has still not come where you can get Target period panties or Walmart menstrual underwear. It’s a good idea to go straight to the manufacturer’s websites where you can take advantage of their satisfaction guarantees and discount codes, which you can find at this list of the Top 10 Period Panties.

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